Wesley Giant
Debut Shadow Saga
Race Saiyan
Gender Male
Date of birth Age 209
Date of death Age 741 (Revived)
Height 6.3 ft.
Weight 150 lbs
Occupation Warrior, Animal Camp Supervisor
Likes Videl, Food, Celebrations, Training, Fighting
Dislikes Enemies, Death

"Well lets put my training to the ultimate test"
— Wesley Giant

Wesley Giant is a main character from the series of S.A.G. He was originally a powerful Saiyan warrior from Planet Vegeta, but ran away and found planet earth. He is the brother of Bradley Giant, and the friend of Seattle and the rest of the Z-fighters and animals. When he arrived on earth the first person he met was Seattle, a crab with the personality of a human. Wesley Giant trained Seattle to fight, and cared for him for many years. When Seattle met Elphinie Wesley Giant stopped taking care of Seattle, as he was an adult now. Then very much later Seattle and Elphinie got married, had children, and made friends thus starting the Animal Camp, a group of fighting animals. Thus starting the many adventures that Wesley Giant had.


Wesley Giant has a long variety of personalities. During the beginning of his adventures he didn't fight to much and he rarely stuck around with the animals. Then later in his journey he became even more of a leader-like person. He acted as though he could handle any enemy that attack. Wesley Giant was very cocky and confident that he could handle anything. That is really how he is currently at the Animal camp, although Seattle is getting to more of the action.