Future Trunks
Debut Meta-Cooler Saga
Appears in S.A.G
Race Half-Saiyan, Half Human
Gender Male
Date of birth Age 407
Date of death Age 748 (Revived)
Allegiance Animal Camp, Z-Fighter
Likes Girls, Fighting, Beating up people
Dislikes Dying, Drugs, Beer, Enemies

"Now it looks like all you have to do is sit there in awe with that big fat grin on your face"
— Future Trunks

Future Trunks is the son of Vegeta and Bulma in the future who mainly hangs around the Animal Camp with Seattle and Wesley Giant. He first appeared as the one who saved the animals from the threat of Meta-Cooler. And now he has become a trusted mentor of alot of the animals. He has the ability to go Super Saiyan, and provides a great help to the animals, in their dangerous battles.


Future Trunks claims to be a civilized young man, that much is true, but he also tends to be a bit mean. He is also very cocky and fights almost without mercy even on his friends. However Future Trunks knows right from wrong. As he was raised by both Bulma and Vegeta (See the Irony).